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More and more modern advanced technologies have been applied in automotive manufacturing, which has accelerated the development of car manufacturing industry. The application of rapid manufacturing technology, efficiently shortens production cycle, saves production costs, and widely improves car quality.

Designs verification is a successful application of rapid manufacturing technologies in automotive manufacturing.In product design section, though three-dimensioned CAD data can be displayed intuitively on computer, can not help to discover all possible defects that may arise during production and assembly. This can be perfectly solved by making practical functional prototypes.  The practical functional prototypes created by rapid manufacturing technologies can verify the reliability of design (includes assembly structure, matching status, structural strength, rigidity and appearance etc.), reduce possible risks brought by design defects from product development, and avoid non-necessary costs brought by design modification in later production.Shanghai NewProductTechnologies has groped in this area for almost 15 years, accumulated a wealth of industrial experiences.There are a full set of solutions for customers, from small prototype processing to master model machining...