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「Rapid Casting 」

3D printing is a rapid casting technology combined with the traditional method. Taking advantage of 3D printing, we can directly or indirectly produce the lost foam casting, waxy, core or shell, and then quickly cast the metal parts combined with the traditional method.

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Overview of Rapid Casting

The method of rapid precision casting based on the rapid prototyping includes the following:

(1)Make the parts quickly based on the SLA prototype, using the SLA prototype mold instead of the wax mold.
(2)Make the metal parts based on the SLS prototype, using the paraffin materials to do the precision casting.

In addition, the other methods of making the metal parts directly utilizing the rapid prototyping are in the continuous development.

Advantages 1、Use 3D printing to make the wax mould or master pattern, which saves the cost and time and shortens the product development cycle. 2、The overall casting with the complex structure can be made, which expands the freedom of the component design, improves the mechanical properties and reduces the development cost. 3、There’re many kinds of materials to be chosen, including the carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and high temperature alloy, etc. 4、It is suitable for the multi-variety and small-batch product, especially for forging and welding the alloy material with a poor performance, and the precision casting of the complex products.

Application Cases

According to your product of different quantities and product structures, you can choose the appropriate process, and we can provide you with the corresponding product solutions.

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