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Dear partner, welcome to join Shanghai New Product Technologies Ltd. We continue to cooperate closely with you, and provide the professional support and service. We believe that through our sincere communication and understanding, following the principle of complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit, common development, we’ll both achieve a win-win development ultimately.

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1 / Project Introduction

The company is based on 3D printing services, and carries out product design, 3D printing, rapid manufacturing, small batch production, processing and other rapid manufacturing technology services and production. The company has extensive applications in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, construction, automotive, aerospace, dental and medical equipment industry, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering and other fields.

Market status 3D Printing Technology is an emerging industry at present. With the promotion and popularization, around the development and application of 3D printing market, it gradually form a new market segment. From the perspective of development, 3D printing technology combines with the personalized and convenience manufacturing, and supports by the traditional processing and manufacturing process, so this new market has great potential for development.

Business domain The business area includes the automotive, medical, home appliances, industrial design, education, advertising, wedding, souvenir market etc. Especially, the automobile industry includes the reverse design, samples processing, trial production and test.

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3 / Cooperation Resource Requirements

New Product Technologies provide the technology, personnel and pre-market development. 《Registration Form of Authorized Agents of Shanghai New Product Technologies Ltd.》

The franchisee should provide a copy of his personal identificationSend mailbox to

The enterprise or individual with Cooperative intention are required the industry experience or resource. 《Registration Form of Authorized Agent of Shanghai New Product Technologies Ltd》

Copy of Business License of Legal PersonCertificate of Organization CodeCopy of Legal Person's Identity CardCopy of Business Cards (with Official Seal)Working Conditions of Franchisee