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3D Printing CNC Machining Silicone Mold Reaction Injection Molding Small Batch Production Rapid Casting Five-axis Process

「Reaction Injection Molding 」

Reaction Injection Molding is used for automotive interior and exterior decorations, small volume production and assemble for medical equipment shells.

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RIM summarize

• RIM is suitable for small volume production in the process of product development, as well as small volume production.
• Applicable molds are: resin mold, ABS mold, aluminum alloy.
• Mold casting material: two-component polyurethane material。
• Physical properties: Like PP / ABS, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

Main Advantages of RIM:


Low cost of molds

Short production cycle

More flexible design

Superior performance

Mold Production:

Choosing the appropriate molds according to your product quantity and structures, we can provide you with resin mold, aluminum mold and steel mold.

Resin mold Resin mold is suitable for a small quantity like 50 to 200 sets, resin production cost is relatively low, usually adopted to make short periods of large simple structure parts. Forming material: ABS-like, PP-like etc.

Aluminum mold Aluminum mold for a certain volume (500 or more) of formal production, aluminum mold has the advantages of light weight, short processing cycle, low cost.

Application Cases:

Shells for medical equipment

Instrument panels

Small batch trial production

Automotive interior and exterior decorations

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