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「Silicone Mold 」

Silicone mold is widely used in the aerospaces, automotives, household appliances, toys and medical equipments,etc.It's applied in the new product development stage,and a small batch (20-30pcs) of samples' trial-manufacture.

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Overview of Silicon Mold

The silicone mold is usually applied in the new product development stage, and a small batch (20-30pcs) of samples’ trial-manufacture. The silicone mold with good toughness can manufacture the parts with complex structures, fine patterns, no or even negative draft angle. The mould manufacturing period is short while the products’ quality is high .

We generally use the silicone rubber and the reactive polyurethane materials to make the silicone mold . It is a popular technology of rapid tooling manufacturing.


The product materials includes like ABS, like PA, like PP, like PMMA, like PC, like rubber, etc.

① Short Manufacturing Period Once you provide the 3D CAD files of the parts, we can produce the silicon rubber mold in a few days, with which we can cast the polyurethane plastic products. Compared with the manufacturing period of the traditional steel mold (30~90 days), it can shorten 90% of the time.

② Easy to Demould We usually need to set up the draft angle in the traditional metal mold, in order to demould easily after forming, especially for the parts with the deep grooves. Considering the silicone rubber has the good flexibility and elasticity, the parts with the complex structure, fine pattern, no draft angle or a deep groove, can be removed directly after casting, which doesn't have to be added the draft angle, so as to simplify the mold design as much as possible.

③ Good Replication Performance The room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber has an excellent simulation and a very low shrinkage rate, which can well reproduce the fine features of the prototype parts and basically won't lose the parts’ dimensional accuracy. It is an excellent mould material.

Flow Chart of Silicone Mold Technology

01.Process the Prototype

02.Set the Parting Line

03.Manufacture the Mold Frame

04.Deaerate the Silicone

05.Solidify the Silicone Mold

06.Open the Mould to Remove the Prototype

07.Set the Sprue

08.Prepare the Casting Material

09.Pour in the Vacuum Equipment

10.Open the Mould

11.Check the Castings

12.Finish a Batch of Parts

Application Cases

The product materials includes like ABS, like PA, like PP, like PMMA, like PC, like rubber, etc.

Automobile Tail Light

Rubber Hose

Air Conditioner Housing for Automobile

Engine Manifold

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