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3D Printing CNC Machining Silicone Mold Reaction Injection Molding Small Batch Production Rapid Casting Five-axis Process

「Small Batch Production 」

According to customers’ requirements to design, process, assemble and other customized mass production.

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We provide the following services for customers:

1、Providing personal customized service according to the needs of customers。
2、Providing small volume production according to products’ features.
3、Assemble for OEM products.

The Advantages of Small Volume Production

1、Small volume production meets the needs of markets for varieties and small volume production.
2、Small volume production can shorten the product development and production cycle, reduce costs.

Small Volume Production Technology Series

According to the needs of customers, providing various production solutions to customers for their choice.

RIM Low cost for molds, short development cycle,no limited wall thickness, much freedom for product design, wide field of application, good material performance, corrosion resistance, suitable for small volume production!

CNC machining CNC can directly process the required products via programming the three-dimensional data, splitting, high precision machining. All processed parts can be sprayed, electroplated, silk-screened, coated and other surface treatments, which can be assembled, better reflects the design function.

RTM process RTM is short for resin transfer molding, it is a low-pressure closed-molding technology, paved the preformed fibrous fabric in a closed cavity, inject the resin contained filler, curing agent, accelerator into the mold cavity for solidification. Large overall composite components are easily produced by RTM, which is widely used in aircraft manufacturing, medical shells, cover areas for large products.

Soft steel mold Soft steel mold uses the formal production process, product materials can meet the performance requirements of formal materials, It’s suitable for high requirements of material properties and structures. The mold is soft steel, such as P20,718 and other materials.RTM can Simplify mold design, save mold development costs and cycles.